Revitalizing Sponsorship Programs

Posted by AH on Sep 9, 2015 11:59:00 AM

by Mike Lenz, Associate Digital Marcom Manager

Over the past several years, the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) has seen a drop in its average Annual Meeting sponsorships and exhibitors. As the company’s specialized niche in the IT industry shifts toward consulting work, and processes are automated, its vendors have shifted toward new markets.

In 2015, CMG decided to open up a number of new sponsorship opportunities, such as webinars, seeking to capture a major source of non-dues revenue for the organization and revitalize exhibitor engagement with members.

The New Idea

Red Chair Communications, the in-house agency of AH, began by rebranding CMG’s previously billed “vendor” program to “CMG Partners,” developing a logo extension and new messaging for the CMG website. This new brand speaks to the collaborative relationship that CMG wants to grow with its Revitalizing_Sponsorship.pngsponsors by offering sponsors the opportunity to present at the annual conference (including the presentation of new research) and co-sponsor webinars to its full membership.

In order to promote CMG’s new sponsorship offerings, and help its staff better manage new leads, Red Chair Communications also created a dedicated landing page that offers prospective sponsors more information about CMG members, and directs them to download CMG’s new partnership opportunities document and signup form. Any new contacts from downloading the document are sent directly to the CMG staff person, who can then follow up immediately with the prospects.

The Results

CMG now has a new face and message for its sponsorship program with the “CMG Partners” brand, as well as a more defined process for tracking and following up with sponsorship leads.Revitalizing_Sponsorship_2.png

Topics: branding, non-dues revenue