Reinvigorating the Annual Report

Posted by AH on Aug 31, 2015 12:31:00 PM

by Amy Chezem, Senior Communications Director

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is an established organization with a rich history that goes back more than five decades. JPMA’s overall mission is to serve as the voice of the juvenile products industry. Although the organization serves seasoned members and new members alike, it can be difficult to reinvent new ways to demonstrate how marketing efforts align with the association’s mission and strategic initiatives.

The ChallengeAnnual_Report.png

The role of JPMA’s annual report in prior years has primarily been to provide details on the association’s financial health. Variations of the annual report have included everything from a few pages within the member newsletter to a “look back” in honor of the association’s 50th anniversary.

Since the annual report serves as a valuable tool to reach industry stakeholders to purposefully provide a year-in-review highlighting the vision, values, and philosophy of the organization, it is used as the centerpiece of the organization’s external communications.

The challenge for JPMA was finding a way to change the stigma that the annual report is a book telling members how great we are to informing members about the how it can be an influential marketing piece telling JPMA’s story.



JPMA began by answering the following strategic questions:

• Who are we as an organization?

• How are we addressing the challenges presented to our industry?

• What are the opportunities that lie ahead?

• Have we demonstrated the values set forth to our membership?

• Can we communicate examples of how we uphold our mission on a daily basis?

Then the organization aligned the annual report to articulate a forward-looking story that reflects vision and direction and provides a singular voice to address the future. JPMA will continue to evolve and redefine the importance of telling its story through the annual report. 

Topics: Marketing, strategic planning