Making a Decision on Technology to Enhance the Member Experience

Posted by AH on Feb 10, 2016 2:21:54 PM

The National Association of Professional Organizers’ (NAPO) board identified and discussed the technology challenges of the NAPO website and database, including the prohibition of member-related programs or initiatives. Due to the lack of functionality, members needed to have access to more “self-serve” options to allow them to access the information they needed when they needed it. The current outdated system was not user-friendly and was becoming cost-prohibitive to operate. In addition, the lack of functionality led to member and prospective member frustration, resulting in an increase in phone calls and emails.


Discover how NAPO worked with AH's Co-chair Solutions division to develop a user-friendly website that is easier to navigate and developed a system where reports are simple to pull from the database.

Topics: Growth, technology, co-chair solutions