AH Pillars of Success [2016 eBook]

Posted by AH on Dec 13, 2016 4:47:15 PM

To achieve greatness for your non-profit, you need a strategic focus and a plan. AH believes organizations achieve greatness when they focus on four pillars:

1. Multi-dimensional growth

2. Creating a team of engaged and disciplined leaders

3. Understanding how to use technology intelligently

4. Having an unwavering commitment to mission

In 2016, AH's client partners achieved greatness by focusing on growing both membership and non-dues revenue, utilizing technology to create an engaging and informative conference video, embarking on a thorough and strenuous planning session to achieve success for the entire organization, and creating a solution to an unmet need in its field.

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Topics: leadership, Growth, innovation, strategic planning, Membership, non-dues revenue, video