Wrapping Up Email Etiquette Tips

Posted by Holly French on Dec 19, 2018 10:40:40 AM

I recently attended a webinar entitled “Positive Personal Branding: 18 Email Rules to Accelerate Results” presented by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore through PCMA. Her presentation focused on things to consider when composing a business email – everything from grammar and spelling to the tone of your emails.

Some of the tips were basic, common sense rules that we should all know. Rules like checking your spelling, using correct grammar, and not sending an email with a one-word response. Hershkowitz-Coore also highlighted a few email staples that have gone out of style. For instance, while you should personalize your email by including a greeting and a closing, using “Dear” in your salutation is out of date and so is using “Sincerely” in your closing.  She recommended using “Hi” or “Hello” in your salutation, and “thank you” or “warm regards” in your closing.

Crafting personalized, positive emails can also result in more responses. In her presentation, Hershkowitz-Coore referenced a study that measured a 15% increased response rate to emails with a positive message. She stressed that it is important to be clear in your email communications.

When emailing bad news, use “we” instead of “I”, so the tone of the message is that it is from the association, not you personally. Consider including something that is possible to offset what is not possible.

Other tips shared during the presentation included:

  • keeping the subject line real and relevant
  • limiting the number of questions you ask in an email
  • don’t use “reply all” unless it is necessary
  • limiting the use of emojis in business email

The most important tip to remember is that email is a strategic communication – be sure you use it that way to get the best results. Also, be mindful that email isn’t always the best form of communication. Sometimes the personal touch of a phone call is more effective depending on the information you need to convey.