Create Learning Circles at Your Next Conference to Connect Attendees

Posted by Beth Mauro on Jan 9, 2020 9:42:12 AM

I discovered the learning circle concept at last year's ASAE Great Ideas Conference and it turned out to be my favorite takeaway. This networking concept puts a group of random people together for a learning journey that pushes them out of (and often into) a posse of fellow attendees who help each other process conference content and further expand on the topics presented.

What starts off with awkward introductions, conversation and meet-up planning evolves into a social group that by the end of the conference is moving their meet-ups from the lobby of the hotel to the local restaurant. Learning circles have a place for everyone, the introverts and extroverts, and provide a wonderful opportunity for professionals travelling alone to connect with others.

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Day 2 of AH 2019 Leadership Forum Takes on Tech

Posted by Sarah Black on Dec 16, 2019 2:26:18 PM

Association leaders focus on better use of technology for meetings, communication, and the member experience

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Meeting Technology that Encourages Engagement Among Attendees

Posted by Beth Mauro on Dec 11, 2019 1:44:15 PM

For years, people have been chanting that technology will replace the live meeting. That won’t be happening any time soon based on reports from recent industry-related conferences attended by AH Meetings professionals. There is a myriad of opportunities to harness technology to add customer service and enhance the live experience in a highly customized way. The added bonus: creating a longer tail for meeting content and sponsorship buys.

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Creating Custom Branding Opportunities for Sponsors Using the Conference Venue

Posted by Karli Horn on Apr 16, 2019 3:55:55 PM

Offering unique branding opportunities to exhibitors and sponsors is something that all associations should strive to accomplish with their conferences. One way to do this is to use the physical space available in the conference venue.

The American Transplant Congress (ATC), an AH client partner, creates more brand awareness options for their supporters, following the trend of using the meeting space, by getting creative with the venue.

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