Maximize Your ROI with these Content & Digital Marketing Initiatives

Posted by AH on Jul 17, 2017 4:19:54 PM

The latest and greatest in marketing trends sounds like this: Influencer marketing, social retargeting, SEO, video, lead generation ads, geo-targeting, and so on.

AH uses these tactics among other digital and content marketing efforts to help our clients receive maximum return on their investments.

digital and content marketing case studes for associations

Download our five-part case study that looks at four client partners and the efforts put forth to increase membership and drive registration through various content and digital marketing tactics.

  1. Discover How We Gained 70 New Prospects without Breaking the Bank
  2. Working with a Micro-Influencer Helped Us Secure 390 Registrations
  3. Facebook Video Ads Helped Us Increase Event Registrations
  4. Facebook Lead Gen Ads Helped Generate High-Quality Leads
  5. Real Results: We Executed a Multi-Faceted Facebook Marketing Campaign That Drove 75% of All Digital Marketing Registrations

Download the case studies to learn more about these successes


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