Create Meaningful Work

Posted by Cynthia Lindsey, CPO on Jul 24, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Is your work meaningful or are you just going along for the ride? I recently experienced the loss of a client and employee all in one fell swoop and felt mad, sad and angry. Why did this impact me so greatly? The loss of a good client and trained employee felt like a failure and created a financial and staffing void.

My motivation was already low and I realized that my work had become sort of mundane after 12 years in the business. Through much reflection, self-education, and support from my NAPO friends, and family, I realized I needed to re-boot my complacent thinking and actions, become more aware of what I wanted to do in my business and my life and get real! What a reality check and probably the best thing that could have happened! So…I got busy! I met with a business consultant and took the Strength Finder 2.0 test and found out I have great discipline, can relate to many types of people, love arranging people, places and things, am an achiever, and great at activating people and projects. I also learned that bringing in a Strategic Partner would be beneficial in getting my business back on track. I was also inspired at the 2018 NAPO conference by Jessica Butts and her book “Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At” and took the Meyers Briggs Test (ISTJ) and reaffirmed what really puts a smile on my face and why I do what I do!

It’s been fun and my focus has changed now that I am more self-aware and better able to understand my client’s and employee’s strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend a combination of personality and strength tests for you, your employees and family members. Work and life become more meaningful when you do what you are naturally good at and surround yourself with others who are great at what they do.


Cynthia Lindsey, CPO® is a Certified Professional Organizer/Consultant, President of Organizing Ease, LLC, a multi-person business serving the greater Nashville area. Member of NAPO since 2007 Cynthia is a versatile professional possessing exceptional organization, motivational and leadership skills.


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