Converting Web Visitors into Members: A Short Story from an AH Client Partner

Posted by Cathe Delaney on Oct 12, 2016 1:40:30 PM

Individuals visit the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters’ (NAPPS) site daily – whether it be looking for a member in his/her area, or they are interested in the membership benefits, certification, or just simply curious as they never knew such a profession existed!


If in fact, the individual is interested in a level of membership and/or certification – his/her contact information is captured, even if that potential member is not quite ready to commit.

So, we have the contact information - now what? How do we engage this prospect into becoming a potential member?

  • Offer incentive programs (Everybody likes a special deal!)
  • Give a 10-Day sneak peek which provides a glimpse into membership
  • Offer a 15 month membership for the price of 12
  • Make one time only membership benefits for viewing available (i.e. webinars)
  • Personalization (Individualize your correspondence)
  • Provide member testimonials
  • Communicate/Update about new programs and benefits using drip marketing
  • Send a survey: Why have they not made the commitment? What will help them take the leap?
  • Track your success

If you don’t have an engagement plan as part of your membership growth strategy, start with some of these tips!

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