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Riding Out the Impact of the Government Shutdown on Your Meeting

Posted by Beth Mauro on Jan 24, 2019 3:53:40 PM

The current government shutdown has everyone feeling uncertain about plans for 2019. Associations are particularly impacted by the political impasse because the ink is likely already dry on contracts for this year’s events. While we all know that this too shall pass, remaining proactive in communications and solutions will ensure the impact on your group is diminished and that the effects don’t last longer than you expect.

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Segment Meeting Messaging to Hit Your Mark

Posted by Beth Mauro on Oct 11, 2018 9:27:46 AM

When you have a content-rich conference program, slicing and dicing information under different topic themes will result in open-friendly emails. Pair that content with concise and engaging subject lines and you will significantly boost opens, clicks, and shares.

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Who Do You Know?

Posted by Beth Mauro on Aug 14, 2018 11:57:50 AM

Creating Rolodex-inspired micro-volunteer opportunities

When it comes to volunteers, some folks shine by doing the heavy lifting of organizing and project management. Others make a similar impact just by opening up their phone directory. You likely know the players in your organization who seem to know everyone in the business. Futurist Malcolm Gladwell calls these people Connectors. When asked to do a small and specific task to support their association, Connectors will happily place a call or tap out a text to someone they know. With very little effort from the member, a valuable connection is made and you’ve onboarded another volunteer.

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A Playbook for Associations, Adopted from the Villanova Championship Team

Posted by Beth Mauro on Apr 5, 2018 3:21:51 PM

Here in the greater Philadelphia area we are celebrating Villanova's Basketball Championship win. In a season of underdog triumphs, Loyola’s Sister Jean, and Nevada’s comeback kids, Villanova’s story is a lesson on creating a strategy for success. If you listen to the interviews with the team members and coaches, the foundational elements of their success become very clear. It’s a playbook frequently tapped by successful businesses.

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