Association Summer Classes: Everyone's Doing It

Posted by Karli Horn on Jun 6, 2016 11:11:29 AM

Finally! Sweet summertime is upon us (unofficially). School’s out; Summer hours kick in at work and salt air is no longer only in your dreams.


Advance your education:

Because the Summer months are generally slower for many non-profit organizations, they are the perfect time to start some continuing education courses.

AH offers the ASAE Certificate in Association Management Program throughout the tri-state area all year and this Summer we are continuing to hold courses in our Mount Laurel, NJ office. Our 2016 Summer schedule is now available.


The front of our building in Mt. Laurel, NJ

About the program:

The certificate courses can inspire an association professional with 30 years of experience, all the way down to someone just learning about our niche industry. The courses offer peer interaction which always sparks new and innovative ideas and also serves as a refresher for those who may need a little reminder about the people they work with on a daily basis, and how things have changed.

Starting the courses this summer while things may be slower in the office is the best time to really get the most out of what is offered in the program. You have more undivided attention to bring to class each day and you can really bring your best ideas to the interactive portions.



To help you get a better idea of how you can benefit from the program whether you’re brand new or a seasoned expert, here are two testimonials from past courses:


"All aspects of this course were incredibly valuable. It sparked some creative thoughts among the group and is a good reminder of why we do what we do in associations."

Heather Sharar, Executive Director
Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania
25 years Association Management Experience


"My thanks and congratulations to AH and ASAE for the fabulous knowledge transfer during the recent Certificate Program. ASAE, you picked an awesome partner to deliver the materials and content. The team from AH was professional, knowledgeable, challenging and supportive. The expert guidance of Sue Pine and her team made the experience extremely worthwhile for the participants in general, and specifically for me, who will be entering the world of Association Management for the first time. Transferring theoretical/academic concepts into real time experiences that are practical and applicable is an art and Ms. Pine certainly delivered that and more. The AH team was also gifted in extracting value based insights from the participants to enhance the general experience of all attendees. Well done by the AH Team. I will be back for more - Thanks to all!"

William F. Balduino, President Elect
The Credit Research Foundation
New to Association Management


Visit our website to learn more about the ASAE program and to navigate through our dedicated pages with more testimonials, FAQs, the 2016 schedule and investment information. We hope to see you in our office this summer! We have air conditioning!

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